Tuesday, March 20, 2012

86. having a ball

I recently read a good blog entry about needs vs wants. I have to agree, it's hard to have sympathy when someone's complaining about not having enough money to pay necessary bills and expenses like food while still spending on cable tv, smart phone plans, magazines, expensive coffees and cars or houses they can't afford. It's interesting how messed up some of our priorities have become.

Today's item:
A gift from my mother. Another of those items she bought for me because it looked interesting, even though she had no idea what it was. This one? It's a meatballer. I'm vegan. heh I've been vegetarian since I was a kid, though I suppose I could use it to make veggie meatballs. I can't imagine the balls would come out of this well. A spoon works just as well. It's hung around, been stored and unpacked again. Today, it sees its last day in my home. Maybe someone will be happy to come across this at Goodwill.


  1. a meatballer? LOL I get the major heebies touching raw meat but that gadget would seem to make it worse than just quick rolling in a ball with your own hands then get on to the next one.
    Funny it stayed with you all this time.

    1. At first, I wasn't sure what it was, then it was in storage. Not sure how it missed getting tossed in the box with a lot of the other kitchen items already donated. I'm sure I'll keep finding some of these oddball items as I keep decluttering. lol


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