Thursday, March 22, 2012

88. on the hook

A couple days ago, I read this blog post about the blogger's experience shopping at a Goodwill outlet. It's somewhat depressing knowing that so many items people have donated are ending up in the landfill after all. We all mean well when we donate our unwanted items and like to believe it's all being sold and the money going to a good cause, but the truth is, there's just entirely too much stuff for them to deal with. We're all just shopping too much. Lower costs in thrift stores would help, but there are only so many customers willing to shop for used items - something that really needs to change. We need to head off this problem at the front end. If you think you need something, try to figure out a way around it, make something else work. If you can't, ask around, one of your friends/family members might have just the item you need that you can borrow. Not only will you not be adding to the demand for new items, but you'll save some cash and that item that's probably sitting unused much of the time in your friend's cabinet will be getting more use. If you can't get around it and can't borrow it, shop the thrift stores or craigslist/garage sales first. There will always be a need to new items, but with some effort and shopping mostly for our needs (not so much for wants), we can drastically cut back on the over production of new items.

Today's items:
A book about bettas, a vase and fish net. I used to have a betta. I've actually had probably 3 of them over the years. They were pretty and easy to care for, but I haven't had a fish in several years and really have no intention of adding another finned critter to my little zoo.

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