Friday, March 23, 2012

89. dried out

Today's item actually makes me just a little sad. I bought this (gently used) on eBay when I lived in Spokane the first time. I used it a few times, but can't say I really missed it in the 3+ yrs it was in storage and I have only used it once since I moved back. The more I get rid of, the more I start really taking a harder look at what I've chosen to keep. This one, I've been thinking about for awhile and finally decided to put it up for sale.

Today's item:
A really nice food dehydrator. It took up an entire shelf in my pantry and since it rarely gets used, it just doesn't seem worth keeping. Where I currently am, my yard gets baked by the sun so a garden really isn't an option here (not that I'm planning to be here long enough anyway) and my next stop will surely be a rental so there won't be much chance of a large garden there either. As soon as I can swing it, I plan to move into a teeny tiny home and just won't have the space so alas, this had to go. It took all of one day to sell and the new owner seemed pretty happy to get it too. =)

BTW - If you're ever in the market for a dehydrator, check out the Excalibur and similar box-style dehydrators. These work SO much better than the cheap round ones with the heating element at the bottom. I never had to rotate anything and it holds a ton.

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $861

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