Monday, March 26, 2012

92. basket case

As I've culled the books, something else has become apparent. I have entirely too much little crap on the shelves. Fewer shelves means less space for that crap and with it all bunched, it becomes incredibly apparent that a lot of it just needs to go. Expect to see plenty of small items here in the coming weeks. =)

Today's items:
For today, a larger item taking up space on the shelves in my craft room - a basket. I have several baskets in use around my home, but this one just looks too much like an Easter basket. lol I'm pretty sure I picked this up at a thrift store a few years ago... now, it's heading back. If I get it there quickly enough, it just might become someone's Easter basket this year. =) The basket is joined by another vase. I finally realized this thing is just too tall/big for any flowers I've had so I always use the couple of smaller vases (or a mason jar). I also got a start on culling the photography books as I moved things around and dusted in the craft room.

And a bag of clothing. *sigh* I had entirely too many clothes! Still do, really. It's a work in progress. =)


  1. When you cull your photography books could you give me a heads up? I have a couple I'm on the look out for and if I'm going to buy them it may as well be from you!

    1. Will do. I actually don't have a ton of those and a couple are old CS books, but I'll let you know before I get rid of any of them. =)


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