Wednesday, March 28, 2012

94. empty memories

I really liked Cindy's take on donating/giving away our clutter in this blog post - once it's gone, it's no longer ours to worry about. I whole-heartedly agree. When I donate (or sell), I do hope things end up being used by someone else, but mostly I'm just glad they're out of my house. lol I feel the same about gifts I've given. If the recipient doesn't want it, won't use it or just no longer enjoys having it around, I'm thrilled if they pass it along to someone else or donate it. Once in awhile I do get a peek at where my books have gone though. Years ago, I signed up on and registered a bunch of books. I used to leave books around to be found by unsuspecting strangers and I'd occasionally see where they'd traveled. One of the books I donated to the Goodwill in Spokane and was apparently shipped to Sandpoint, ID, where it was sold and is headed back to a school in Washington. I still occasionally get a hit off a book I released years and years ago. You just never know. =)

Today's items:
Three photo albums, all new. One bought my me as a gift that was never given and two that were given to me as gifts years ago but never used. I have a couple of larger scrapbooks, but I rarely even print out photos anymore unless it's specifically to go into a frame.

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