Tuesday, April 3, 2012

100. grumble mumble stupid taxes

Ah, tax day. Well, for me anyway. I put it off long enough, I suppose. It's always so depressing seeing just how much I'm paying in taxes. I think the worst part of doing them online is that you can see how each entry changes (decreases in my case) your refund amount. I put in the interest from one of my accounts and nearly half went to taxes. Half! Interest rates on regular bank accounts are low enough, but to then lose HALF to taxes?! sheesh At least this is the last year I'll have to pay Indiana!! Ahhhh, gotta love no state tax in Washington. =) I have one more number to get ahold of, but it's looking like my federal refund will just about be negated by my stupid IN taxes. Have I mentioned before how much I loathe Indiana? I suppose I should just be happy to break even though, right? *sigh*

It was another day off for me so I ran some errands this morning (before the taxes could depress me), picked up a few groceries and dropped off a box at Goodwill. =) And speaking of Goodwill...

Today's items:
I rearranged the closet, all short-sleeves together, all long-sleeves together, etc. In the process, I found a couple shirts that could happily go in the donation box today. =)

Also found some extra hangers and a couple pairs of cheap flip-flops that I'll never wear. I pulled out some rarely-worn t-shirts with the intention of making t-shirt bags. If that doesn't happen soon, they'll get donated too. =)

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