Thursday, April 5, 2012

102. stamp it up

Taking a break today from the shoe-culling and hitting the crafty stuff again. Most people with crafty intentions have unused craft supplies tucked away somewhere. As I clean and sort, I'm finding things I didn't even realize I still had.

Today's items:
A shallow box of random, inexpensive rubber stamps. I can't recall the last time I actually used a rubber stamp. lol I have a second shallow box with nicer stamps that I'm keeping for now. Debating that one. As I clear out, I've discovered more desire to use what's left since I can actually see what's there. I'll give it a few months or so and see if I use them. If not, they'll follow these out the door. =)

I also decluttered Netflix... for awhile at least. I don't have a tv so no cable, but I do subscribe to HuluPlus and have had Netflix for a little over a year. I dropped the DVD portion when they jacked the prices up last summer/fall. I kept the digital streaming... but I've found I just don't watch it that often. So this morning, I put it on hold for the next two months and will decide then if I miss it or want to cancel it completely. Not a big monthly bill, but one less bill to pay. =)


  1. I would drop the Netflix streaming if it were just me. However, since we don't have cable either, the Netflix streaming keeps my husband occupied on evenings when I want to read and there's nothing on broadcast TV that interests him. I cancelled the DVDs for quite a few months, but just restarted them. I told my husband it's only for a limited time. We like some of the cable shows they have, like "Nurse Jackie," and want to see some new release movies. We'll probably keep DVDs throuth the summer, and cancel again in the fall.

    1. Then you're getting your money's worth. =) I'd probably get the DVDs again for awhile if I didn't have to go to the post office to pick up/drop off mail. But working from home, I usually only check my mail once, maybe twice a week so it's a pain.


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