Friday, April 6, 2012

103. a shady spot

So, this week has seen a sunny day warm enough to open windows, days of pouring rain and a day of snow. Yes, more snow. I noticed today that a couple of the rose bushes are starting to get buds on them so apparently Spring really is coming at some point. =)

Today's item:
What? You can't tell what those are from the picture? lol They're window screens for a car. I bought these before leaving Washington to drive to Indiana in 2008. They're a fine silky mesh material and fit over the rear door frames of a vehicle, attaching with velcro, so you can roll the windows down to get the breeze, but not get the bugs flying in and they do double-duty as sun shades. Haven't used them since. Driving from Indiana back to Washington at the end of July 2011, the temps were topping 100 degrees every day so a/c was a necessity. With my Jeep, I tend to just vent the sun roof for extra air when needed since the windows have a nice tint on them. These weren't expensive and have served their purpose. Hopefully someone else will find these handy. =)

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