Monday, April 9, 2012

106. dog tired

Okay, who ordered the 6:45a wake-up call for me? Yes, my cell rang at 6:45 this morning. Why? Well, I found out an hour or so later when I returned the call. Apparently those above me in my job don't read the emails they forward to us. heh So I sent the email back to her that clearly states the number of hours we're allowed to work per day. She did finally read it, then checked with her manager who then checked with the manager above him. lol This is pretty normal for this organization. They finally decided we should stick to the old rules we had even though we've never been told to go back to those and no one is quite sure what the rules actually are. Whatever. And yes, I did nicely point out the time difference... darn time zones. =)

Today's items:
While looking for one of Reilly's Kong chew toy (a smaller version of the red one above) to put some peanut butter on it, I came across a couple of toys too big for the munchkin that were still hiding out in the toy basket and started looking for other items and ended up with a nice little pile. Two chew toys, a rubber curry comb, a retractable leash and two leather leashes too heavy for my little guy. I plan to drop all these off at the local animal shelter.

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