Tuesday, April 10, 2012

107. repurposed, recycled

Finally finished up those taxes yesterday - e-filed the federal and am mailing the state today. I had one number I had to look up but that bank wouldn't let me sign in (they'd apparently upgraded since I last logged in) until I called to get resigned up for electronic access. After entering the info, it didn't change my federal refund or Indiana state taxes due, but it had to be on there of course. I nearly broke even this past year... less than $50 in the hole when all was said and done. I have to say, writing that big check to Indiana was at least tempered by knowing I'll never again have to write another.

Today's items:
Also headed in the mail today - another book. =) This one's a book I bought during Interweave Knits' damaged book sale... and then discovered I already had a copy (thought I had the Knitter's one). heh I think I broke even on this one though.

Two less tanks in the closet too. =) I bought these on clearance and never did wear them so I repurposed them into gift bags for my mom's birthday gifts. I'm trying hard not to create trash with gifts so plan to be making a lot of fabric bags instead of using wrapping paper. The post with before/after for these will be on my other blog soon.

I also spent time shredding last night since today is trash day. I filled my little shredder's bin FOUR times - cleaned out old vet records and pay stubs and other miscellaneous paperwork no longer needed. I even sorted through my file of manuals looking for ones that went with items I no longer own and tossed a stack in the recycle bin. =) 

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,037

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