Thursday, April 12, 2012

109. strappy

Living out of a suitcase for so long while traveling for work really cut down on my shoe habit. In the early days of travel, I brought along four pairs of dressy shoes for offices and had a pair of tennis shoes for weekends. I did know at least one coworker who routinely showed up at the hotel with a suitcase just of shoes. Then there was the one who traveled with her own printer... but we're talking about shoes. By the end, I was usually packing one pair of dress shoes - flats in either black or brown - and planning my office wardrobe around those. I was faced with one too many steep staircases at offices where heels were just a pain (literally) while dragging along a roller bag with multiple large books and a computer and I was rarely in the same office for more than a day or two anyway. 

Today's items:
Oh, did you think I was done with the shoes? Nope, not quite yet, just took a little break. These were never office shoes, but they are uncomfortable enough to not make the cut. One more empty shoe cubby. =)

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