Friday, April 13, 2012

110. raggedy

Yesterday, I stopped by Goodwill to drop off a small box of items (mostly shoes) and actually ventured inside. I rarely go in, but I had a very specific need and thought I'd give it a shot there first. Nearly two weeks ago, I mixed up a sourdough starter and it's been fermenting in a simple reused applesauce jar on my counter. I have recipes that call for more starter than my jar would hold however, so I needed a larger vessel. I thought perhaps the crock from a crock pot or possibly I'd luck into a good deal on a glass or ceramic canister set... though I've only ever seen one set of canisters in my local Goodwill and they were ridiculously overpriced. I first looked in the small appliance section, finding a crock pot, but it had a plastic lid. Then I wandered through few short aisles of dishes and glassware and found THREE full sets of ceramic canisters. Two were clearly leftovers from the 80s - one a sort of sickly hunter green, the other printed with flowers and hearts and bows. Um, only if I had no other choice and the price was irresistible! The third set though, they were fancier, white with an Italian influence. The largest would be perfect, giving me plenty of room for adding in flour and water and having a wide mouth would make it easy to stir the contents twice a day. The price though? $8. For just the one. That was a bit steep. I went back to the front and checked this week's sale color since Goodwill puts one color tag on sale for 50% off each week. Pink. I went back and saw the large canister had a pink tag! The others in the set had red tags so any of those would be full price. Weird. Usually everything that comes in in a week gets the same color tag. Apparently, it was meant to be. =) $4 was a good enough deal and I was very happy I wouldn't be forced to buy an entire set to get the one size I wanted. My sourdough is now happily bubbling away in its new home. And yes, that was all I bought at Goodwill.

Today's item:
A frayed and bleach-spotted kitchen towel. I thought I'd weeded out all the too-well-loved towels already, but this one was hiding in the basket. I gave it one final job (cleaning the kitchen trash can) and then chucked it.

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