Tuesday, April 17, 2012

114. stacked

Well, that couldn't have been better timing! I mailed my IN tax forms and filed my federal taxes electronically last week and paid my IN taxes online Friday. Today is tax day. Today, I checked my bank account to be sure the payment had gone through (I really don't trust IN, heh) and I got my federal return back and my state payment was taken out today. Almost a wash. =) I'd also made a big payment on my Jeep over the weekend. One more giant step closer to getting that paid off. I have the cash in the bank to pay it off completely, but with work being slim pickings right now, I'm not comfortable taking my savings down that low. Once work picks back up though... =D

Today's items:
Another stack of books. Going to the library means I need a bit of free shelf space for the temporary books entering my home so another culling was needed. Now, I have more than enough space available and I'll drop these off at the library for their book sale. =)


  1. You'll be so happy all those books are gone if you decide to move again. I know I'm relieved to have decluttered my book collection.

    1. Definitely! When I move, I'll be happy to be rid of all this stuff. =)


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