Friday, April 20, 2012

117. waffling

I'm still obsessing over the various tiny houses out there. Usually, I'm drawn to more of a craftsman style, but I saw a modern design I really liked this week. This one seems like it would be much easier to tow thanks to a more aerodynamic roof line. A raised portion of the floor, making room for storage underneath, and the smaller loft area opens up the space in a really good way. Storage cubes double as steps, avoiding the need for a ladder. The price tag is ridiculous, but there are some good ideas there.

Today's item:
One more small kitchen appliance gone! My Oster waffle iron. The plates are removable for easier cleaning and it came with a 2nd set of plates to make those sealed sandwiches/pies with slices of bread. I've never used the sandwich plates, but I chose this one because of the removable plates. I hate cleaning waffle irons! I did give this one last chance this week. My sourdough starter is going strong and I decided to try sourdough waffles. Though I oiled the iron, the first one stuck so badly, I didn't try a second and made pancakes instead. Also donated the plastic container that's held the extra set of plates for so long. =)

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  1. That modern, tiny house is available in my city! How funny. :)


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