Saturday, April 21, 2012

118. not so golden

It's finally starting to look like Spring around here! We won't talk about the hail a few days ago. I bought two yellow raspberry canes last week and planted them in a planter so I can take them with me and my black raspberry and rhubarb that I brought from Indiana are doing well. Glad they both made it! I looked where I got the yellow raspberries ($2.99/cane) and their black raspberry canes and small rhubarb plants were $6.99 each! Ouch. One of the rose bushes planted before I got here looks like it's going to do well this year - the others, I'm not holding my breath over - and the bamboo they planted is also starting to emerge. I planted some white, yellow and pink gerbera daisy and purple coneflower seeds inside to start and just a few are starting to pop their little green heads out of the dirt so I'm hoping I'll have plenty to plant outside in a few weeks for a little color this summer.

Today's items:
Two not-so-pretty planters out of my shed. These were left by the former owners... actually, they were tossed under the trailer. Neither are my style (esp that dark brassy black one in front) so they're headed for Goodwill.

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