Monday, April 23, 2012

120. here kitty, kitty

I cook mostly from scratch, or as close to it as possible, these days. There are still a few things I'm buying pre-made - the soy milk, for one. I've been thinking of starting to make my own, but don't have a soy milk maker. I'd be avoiding the trash from the soy milk cartons, but adding a piece of equipment to my kitchen. I'm still debating this. I need to look into the possibilities of getting organic soybeans too since the milk I currently buy is organic. Now that I'm making my own ice cream, I think it might be worth it adding that machine... esp since I've decluttered my kitchen so much. =) One thing I've realized through this process - it's not about having nothing, it's about having what you need and use.

Today's items:
A pair of kitty hot pads. I gave away the corresponding oven mitt awhile back, but kept these hot pads. I rarely use them, opting instead for the nice, thick oven mitts I was gifted several years ago. These aren't that thick and I've burned myself once or twice while using them. They're cute, but unneeded... so off they go. =^..^=

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