Tuesday, April 24, 2012

121. freedom is just another word

But it's a very, very good word! A week ago, I had my auto loan down to just a little over $8,600. It was annoying me so I made a big payment, taking it down to $5000. Yesterday, I made another big payment and today? The balance on my loan is $0.00!!! =D

Ahhhh, it feels SO good! No more bills, no more payments! I officially owe nothing to anyone. I finally decided it was far enough into the slow time for work and they've kept me working at least part-time thanks to a project I've been working since last fall. I even got a full 40 hrs last week! I had the money sitting in my savings account, accruing minimal interest while I was paying much more in interest on that stupid loan. Repeat after me, "insane." No, I didn't clean out my savings. I still have a cushion should anything come up. All is how it should be. =)

The new goal? Racking that savings back up so I can build a tiny house. =)

Today's item:
Paying off the washer and dryer back in February shared a post with that day's physical clutter heading out the door. This one definitely deserves its own post. Oh, and that bill's been shredded so I suppose it is physical clutter too. =)


  1. Congratulations!!! That's huge. WAHOOOOOO!!

    1. Thanks! I'm so happy to be out of debt again! I guess working all those hours this winter was worth it. Now, for the next step...


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