Wednesday, April 25, 2012

122. wasted spaces

I love the unitasker posts on the Unclutterer blog. Most are someone's idea of a money-maker since the item is rarely better than using normal items already in your house. Today's cracked me up! You have to check out these pants. I want to know if anyone has actually bough those...

Today's item:
My sewing machine cabinet. This is an old pic from when I lived in Spokane before, but it shows what it was mostly used for quite nicely. This thing has a ton of storage space (space I hope to not actually need soon) and the top folds out in both directions to double its width and provides a huge work surface for sewing. The problem? It's just so dang BIG. And of course it lends itself to other uses with that nice flat surface, but if you want to actually sew on it, you have to move everything and have it in a spot with enough room on both sides to fold the top out - not so great for small spaces. It's a pain and I just don't sew enough to make it worth the hassle. My sewing machine is a portable one that I store in a wheely bag so I can easily bring it out out and sew on the kitchen table, moving only one or two items. In the future, I have a plan to incorporate a cutout for the sewing machine into a built-in work surface in my tiny home - it'll have a small, inset cover. Less wasted space... and one less piece of furniture to move. It did make a good plant stand though. =)

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,077

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