Thursday, April 26, 2012

123. level one

The other day at the library, I picked up a copy of The Secret Lives of Hoarders. I've listened to a few of Matt Paxton's podcasts and he's interesting so I thought I'd give the book a read. So far, so good. He discusses the different levels of hoarding and various reasons people hoard, tells stories about some of the hoards he's cleaned up and gives advice on helping a hoarder clean up/clear out.

One story is about a woman who is a crafty type, a DIYer as he calls it. They sorted and found she had at least 50 cake pans and over 900 "rolls" of yarn. Yes, he called them rolls. heh The woman crochets afghans and they figured out that based on the number of skeins she used per afghan and the time it took to complete one, if she never again bought yarn, it would take her 12.5 years to get through her current stash. No info on what he got her down to, at least not so far.

So... yeah. I'd definitely fall into the DIYer category. I've been working on it, but I still have too much kitchen stuff, including way more cake/muffin pans than I need. I also have way too big a yarn stash, esp since I haven't been knitting/crocheting much since I quit traveling. I know I dealt with the stress of being around my mother by shopping more than I should and the majority of my yarn stash was acquired while in Indiana. I've gotten rid of a few bags of yarn this year, but still have a long way to go to get to my goal of it all fitting into my antique camel-top trunk. I'm starting to think that what I should do is bring it all out to the living room (where the trunk is) and transfer those special skeins (handspun, hand-dyed or locally-produced stuff I can't get again plus a few really nice skeins I've picked up along the way) to the trunk and start trying to sell most of the rest. I'm afraid to go count my cake pans...

Today's item:
Unneeded office supplies. It all went into the plastic shoe box and into the donation box. =)


  1. I started reading that book - I watch the show(s) - but couldn't quite get into it. I read part of it but found it, ironically, somewhat disorganized with respect to the way it was laid out! A bit choppy for what I was expecting. I might have to try it again.

    1. I'm only about 45 pages in and have been reading in short bursts so haven't had an issue with the jumpiness. He does touch on the same cases over and over rather than tell the whole story. So far, there are some good insights though.


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