Friday, April 27, 2012

124. plastic alternative

I was asked a few days ago what I'm now using for food storage since I'm ridding my kitchen of as much plastic as possible. I used to have plastic canisters for dry goods, plastic containers for leftovers, a few plastic water bottles I regularly drank from and some plastic utensils. I'm now mostly using glass:
I have a couple glass canisters for flour and various flip-top glass jars and canning jars for other dry goods. The smaller wide-mouth canning jars work well for leftovers as well and can be popped into the microwave or toaster oven for reheating. I also have a set of glass ramekins for smaller leftovers and two sets of glass bowls with lids as well - the lids are plastic, but it's what I have right now and better than my old all-plastic storage containers. Spices are in tins and refilled from the bulk bins whenever possible. On the right is my stainless steel water bottle. I use bamboo (spoons, spatulas, etc) and metal (pasta server, soup ladle) utensils for cooking. I also reuse glass jars of a decent size. The larger bowls in my sets will work for the next time I make ice cream, but I'd like to get something more squared off so it will fit better in the freezer.

I'm working on being able to get rid of the plastic bins my yarn stash is currently in as well. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon sorting the stash. I let myself keep only what would fit into my antique trunk and one cotton bag. Everything else has now been marked for sale on Ravelry and I'm working on pricing everything. I kept my favorites, many of which are handspun or hand-dyed or just unusual... and almost all natural fibers. I noticed a definitely color theme as I packed up the trunk. The top of the trunk has a tray that holds my needles and hooks, a styrofoam head used for blocking hats, my ball winder, blocking wires and about half a dozen skeins of soft cotton intended for baby items for expectant friends. Sadly, my yarn swift is just a tad too long to fit, but I'm thinking of cutting a half inch off the ends since it won't affect it's usability and will make it short enough to fit in the tray and all my yarny stuff can be in one place. As I clear out yarn, I'll also be able to sell those plastic bins. I'm working on an idea for passing along some of my cake pans as well. =)

For those curious folk, this is how my stash started out yesterday:

Pretty well organized, but definitely excessive.

And the home of my new, slimmer stash:
This antique trunk was a gift for my high school graduation. It came to Alaska with me from Indiana, wrapped in a blanket, duct-taped up and checked as baggage on the plane. (I've seen odder things on the baggage carousel!) It luckily made its way from Alaska to Washington with a friend of a friend who happened to be moving to northern Idaho around the same time I was heading for eastern Washington. I moved in a teensy car and there was no way this would fit even if it was all I brought with me. It sat in storage while I was back in Indiana and has been serving as blanket storage since the move back. Now, it's happily containing my yarn. =) I'm planning to work this trunk into my design for a tiny home as well. It's really the only large item I don't want to let go of and since it's pretty much all storage space... it's handy as well. =)

Today's items:
More plastic! The shoe box held a few skeins of yarn until yesterday and the container on the right was hiding out in the freezer with homemade vegan eggnog ice cream. All are now heading out the door. =)


  1. Ah I like the hinged glass canisters. I have pet parrots & it's important to store their food stuffs in an airtight container for fear of pantry moths - something I've thus avoided as I have such a huge fear of those things (bugs in general) but anyways I store all the birds foods in a air-tight hinged clear plastic resin canisters...but would like to not store their stuff in plastics at all. Didn't know they made glass hinged canisters til now!

    1. Absolutely! I have a couple larger ones than those shown. Check around for sales though, they can get pricey. If you're lucky, you can find some at Goodwill.

  2. i'll check out a few thrift places this weekend for sure!


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