Saturday, April 28, 2012

125. it's a good start

There was a good post this week on The Minimalists about filtering through your stuff until everything you have is stuff you love. Nice timing after my big yarn sorting party yesterday. I'm getting a start on moving the excess. =)

Today's items:
 The first skein of yarn from my destash heading out the door, sold to someone needing this particular color for a project. Also, a cookbook I've had up for sale far too long, but it finally sold yesterday on Amazon. =)
More yarn sold. Funny, the ones on top are actually heading back to Indiana. The box is packed solid with yarn headed to a friend. Forgot to snap a pic before I taped it up and no way am I taking that tape off - it's under immense pressure. lol Trust me, it's really pretty yarn that I'm very happy is heading her way. A couple of those were tempting me to find more room in that trunk! Ahh, now they're no longer a temptation. =)
And, what I'd originally planned for today, some little Wallace & Gromit figures from my bookshelf.

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,134

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