Monday, April 30, 2012

127. yarny destash

Ahh, another rainy day. Gets me out of mowing the lawn for another day. =) Guess I should have done it Saturday after all. Ah, well, the grass will still be there tomorrow. Give me time to try to get rid of the crappy "pond" so I won't have to mow around it again. I listed it free on craigslist today. Hopefully, it'll be gone soon and mowing will become immensely easier... not to mention there won't be standing water drawing bugs and stray cats. 

Today's items:
More yarn heading out! =)
 Aaaaaand, MORE yarn! Had to pull out my giant blue IKEA bag for all the packages heading to the post office.
 After emptying the antique trunk to fill it with yarn, I needed a space for the few board/card games I had stored in the top tray. These curtains were given to me by a friend and they just aren't my style (they were sent with her hubby when he was doing some work for me). I should have refused them, but I thought maybe I could overdye the light-colored ones. Didn't happen. They've been taking up space in my freestanding closet since last Fall. Now, they're in the back of my Jeep heading for Goodwill. =)

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,170 

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