Sunday, April 1, 2012

98. ouch!

So, one thing about working from home... there isn't much need to dress up. Awhile back, I went through my shoes and tossed a bunch into the donation box. I tried shoes on in making my choices. Turns out, I should have walked around the house in them.

Today's item:
A pair of heels. Cute? Definitely. Comfortable? Hardly. Within 5 minutes, these were killing my feet. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I normally wear tennis shoes... or slippers. lol I chose a different pair with a slightly lower heel and these went into the donation box. I'm not a woman willing to sacrifice comfort for fashion. =)

BTW - I thought about pulling a prank and saying I was ditching this whole decluttering thing today... but I kinda didn't think you guys would fall for it. =) Happy April Fool's Day! I hope no one pulled any big pranks on you.


  1. wearing them around makes ALL the difference.
    I have ow-ee shoes that I keep because they are so very cute... but I have a pair of comfy flats in my purse because I KNOW what my feet feel. Why bother right?

    1. haha I'm over the "they're too cute to get rid of" phase of my life. I'll be going through the rest of my shoes in the next week or two, trying them all on, wearing them around the house. Whatever doesn't make my feet happy heads to the donation box. =)


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