Thursday, May 3, 2012

130. under wraps

There's a fairly new documentary out about people living in tiny spaces. I'd seen several of the featured dwellings before, but there are several new-to-me spaces as well.
It's long, but worth a watch if you have the time and are interested in living better in a small space.

Today's items:
Awhile ago, I decided I want to make reusable fabric gift bags rather than continuing to create trash with gift wrap. I don't have mad sewing skills, but I can sew a simple drawstring bag. One bonus to making your own gift bags is you no longer need the gift wrap bin! I'm so sick of looking at this bin of paper and bows and having to move it out of my way. I put it all up on craigslist and have had three different people flake out on buying it - one twice. It was still riding around in my Jeep when I hit Goodwill... now it's not. =)


  1. Thank you, I needed that documentary today!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. =) It was fun seeing all the alternative housing choices people are making and I got a lot of good ideas for my future home.


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