Friday, May 4, 2012

131. shredded

Better late than never, right? I had a different post planned for today and was waiting until it was a done deal, but, once again, had someone flake out on a purchase. lol Twice in two days (two different people) - fun! Really, I don't even expect people to actually follow through anymore. It's just a pleasant surprise when they actually do. I absolutely refuse to hold anything anymore. If someone wants to come get an item right now and has cash, it's theirs. I understand things come up unexpectedly sometimes, but it amazes me how many people ask me to hold items for them for days or even occasionally a week or more. No, thanks. One of the remaining bins of mixed yarn will hopefully be going away tomorrow. At least this buyer said up front they completely understood if I sold it before they could meet up with me a few days from when I spoke with them. I'm actually kind of glad the other buyer turned out to be flakey. =)

Today's item:
Nothing too exciting today, just a raggedy pair of shorts and an old long-sleeve t-shirt Reilly chewed on as a pup. lol Yeah, I've had that shirt about 5 yrs. I figured I only slept in these and took the dog out in them so why did it matter if they were raggedy, right? Well, I do have better stuff to fill that purpose. These finally made their way to the trash today. =)

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