Saturday, May 5, 2012

132. clingy

Ahh, finally a dry day! My yard looks a million times better after a good mowing and the birds are happily catching bugs in the newly shortened grass. I still need to move the rocks from where the little pond was, but I got most of the long grass around where it was cut short. Baby steps. lol 

I also spent some time today cleaning up my iTunes podcast subscriptions. After hearing someone mention how they watch video podcasts from their blog reader, I decided to try it out. I hate having to download the larger video files to iTunes and then sync to my iPad. Since I have wireless set up in my home, streaming isn't an issue. I also added a few new ones to check out after hearing them mentioned on other podcasts. I'm working on weeding out the blogs I subscribe to that either are no longer blogging or I just don't enjoy anymore. Sometimes the blog has changed over time, other times my tastes have changed. I dropped quite a few that are set up so readers can't read the whole post from their chosen blog feed reader. Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just lazy, but I hate having to click over to the blog to read the full post or see the pics. I really like the convenience of using google reader. Yeah, yeah, if your audience is reading elsewhere, the numbers don't show up... but is it really about the numbers? This is why it takes me weeks to catch up on CBS shows too - they aren't available on hulu and I can't even watch on my iPad from I just don't have my personal computer on that often. I'm pretty sure I have my blog set up correctly to allow you, the reader, to read in whatever way you choose. Please let me know if it's not and I'll fix it!

For those of you out there who are interested in tiny houses and possibly having one built one day, there's a new online list of builders both by state and by type of builder (cabin, tiny house, etc). Very cool. =)

Today's item:
A binder with holiday window clings. I've been dragging this around far too long and I don't use them. Now, it's in the donation box. =)


  1. Whew, glad to hear it's not just me that hates to go outside my RSS Reader (I use Reeder) to read a blog. I just recently stopped actively following close to 10 blogs that don't allow their posts to be fully read within a reader app. It was my tiny way of make a big statement I suppose.

    I understand they want to redirect traffic numbers to their actual blog...but in all honesty...those particular blogs were fashion blogs featuring their "outfit of the day" stuff so nothing Earth shattering there). I'm not one to follow the current fashion trends anyways, but would rather watch others trip down that path for my viewing pleasure, but if I have to click out of my Reeder app to get to their blog - fuhgetaboutit.

    My laziness takes precedence. LOL

    1. As I was catching up on blog reading yesterday after a busy week, I realized just how annoying that redirection was and just started deleting. :-) I'll happily go to the blog to watch a podcast or to comment if I'm so inspired, but just to read? Nope... well, rarely anyway. I can think of one I haven't dropped, but only actually go to her blog every couple weeks and catch up. There was a minimalist blogger who wrote about "jerk moves" in blogging recently and that was one of them so it's not just us. :-D


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