Thursday, May 10, 2012

137. the small stuff

In further efforts to simplify my podcast listening experience, I've ditched downloading those to iTunes too. I'd already ditched downloading the video ones a few days ago to avoid the long download time and to save space on my iPad. I got that tip from a podcast - Knittin' on the Fly. I highly recommend Katie's podcast if you knit or spin. She's awesome. =) Anyhoo, she was talking about the app she uses to listen to audio podcasts so I checked it out. Downcast can be loaded on your iPhone or iPad and will download podcasts (audio or video, though I'm only using it for audio for now) straight to your device, bypassing iTunes and the need to turn on the computer. I'd used another app awhile back, but it wasn't very user friendly. This one definitely is. Easy to set up and with better controls than when downloaded through iTunes too. Well worth the $1.99. =) Now if only Hulu would get the rights to stream ALL programming over mobile devices, I'd hardly ever have to turn my computer on! As it is, I only do so a couple times a week. Everything else can be done with my iPad.

Today's items:
A few more books off the shelf headed for the library book sale. =)


  1. Hmmm. All this app talk really makes me want an iPad. I think I will wait for the next generation, however. The current incarnation isn't that great from what I hear. Easier and lighter than a laptop - I can get behind that.

    1. I actually have a first gen iPad, bought on a really good sale when the 2nd gen came out. The only thing I'm missing is the camera so I can't video chat - no biggie. I'll upgrade eventually, but I'm certainly in no rush since what I have works just fine for my needs and I don't feel a need to have the lightest/thinnest/fastest/newest thing out there. =) I chose the iPad because it replaced the need for a tv/cable, kindle and mp3 player so for me, it was actually a pretty good deal.


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