Sunday, May 13, 2012

140. no more moose

So, I'm flipping through Buried in Treasures (borrowed from the library), looking for inspiration to ramp up the decluttering another notch. Toward the back, there's a section about relating our identities to our possessions. My possessions make me feel like _____. A craftsperson/artist? A handyperson? An entrepreneur? A good family member/friend? Hmm, I think I might fit a couple of those. Do your possessions give you a false sense of identity? I know I've always tended to go all in when I get into something new. I haven't just bought one book on a subject, I've bought several, sometimes a lot. I don't just have a few pieces of fabric to sew with, I have two packed bins. The last thing I sewed? A few catnip toys out of flannel scraps. This is definitely something I've been working on controlling. Having a whole shelf of cookbooks doesn't make me a better cook. Having a closet full of yarn doesn't make me more of a knitter/crocheter. Having a shelf full of foreign language books doesn't give me better language skills if they're just sitting there collecting dust. I really need to work on getting things into better proportion with what I'm actually using. Even after all the stuff that's left already, there's still so much I'd truly never miss if it all just went away.
Today's items:
Only one paper Moosewood cookbook made the cut - one that's more about gardening than cooking, though it does include some recipes as well. I do have one digital Moosewood cookbook I picked up awhile back on a really good sale. That's enough. =)


  1. My original Moosewood cookbook is still a family favourite for my kitchen (the brown cover with handwritten recipes and nice doodles). Zuccanoes, cauliflower cheese pie and cauliflower soup are the most dog-eared pages.
    The other MW cookbooks never lived up to the first for me..

    1. Thanks! It feels good to be moving these out and clearing shelves. I just keep thinking how easy my next move will be! I've heard mixed reviews of the Moosewood books, but I just never seemed to grab any of them when I wanted to try something new. Hopefully someone else will be happy to discover them at the book sale.


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