Monday, May 14, 2012

141. sightseeing

So... I spent some quality time with the bookshelves this weekend, weeding out more books I don't need to haul around anymore.

Today's items:
A book on Indiana sites to visit. Some I recognize, some I don't... but I have no plans to be back in IN for sightseeing so this can move along. Plus a few more books that I just don't need collecting dust on the shelf.


  1. Wow, good job! I just did another purge of the bookshelves about two weeks ago and dropped them at the second hand bookstore. I'm sure I must have a couple hundred dollars of credit by now. I need to be more ruthless however, as I KNOW there are more I can discard. I have the "1,000 Places" and I think the last time I looked at it was when I bought least 7 years ago. :P Time for someone else to have it taking up space on their bookshelf, I think!

    1. Yeah, that book got flipped through a few times, but not much use. I definitely won't miss it or the others.

    2. I used to trade in a lot of books, but since I'm downsizing and pretty much only buying the occasional ebook, having credit seemed like it would be too tempting to bring more home. lol I have sold some, but mostly I've just been donating to get them out of here.


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