Tuesday, May 15, 2012

142. more cook, less book

I spent some time during lunch yesterday planting marigolds in planters for near my front porch stairs. I'm not a huge marigold fan, but they were cheap and should hold up better than most against the brutal sun here and I wanted a touch of color. The sun has already gotten the bamboo that had been returning in a few places in the yard. My rhubarb was fine and the roses seem okay and the the bamboo looked fine the other day... then brown and dead later that night. Guess I should have started watering sooner! Ah, well. It's sort of a blessing really. It wasn't the nice tall bamboo canes, but bushier stuff that had been planted in the wrong place by the previous owners. I'd been thinking of moving those and the roses and potting my rhubarb so it could be moved to a shadier spot, but didn't want to dig all that up. Now, it's a much easier task. heh As soon as I get a chance, I'll move the scraggly roses to a more protected spot where they'll hopefully do better out of the direct mid-day to afternoon sun. My rhubarb will be happier with more shade as well and be easier to move when I do. I'll also be able to move all the stupid rocks they'd placed around the "garden" that are just a pain to mow around. Win-win!

Today's items:
The fewer cookbooks I have, the more I realize just how few of those I have left get used with any regularity. Those two full shelves on the bookcase are quickly becoming one.

I have a thing for rocks and have picked up a few over the years. Some of these are from Alaska, some from Sedona, Arizona. Now, most are drainage for houseplants. =) Replanting the three dragon trees freed up a large pot I plan to use for the rhubarb and I should have just enough potting soil left for the job.


  1. It's amazing how tight many of us hold on to those cookbooks even when we're not using them. Out of the 50 that I have, I probably only use a dozen of them with any regularity. Perhaps it's time for a cull here, although I refuse to let go of any of the canning books!

    1. I held tight to mine for years and years, even though I wasn't using the majority. Not sure how many I had since I'd already gotten rid of quite a few when I counted and still had nearly 200! Looks like I'm right around 50 now, including books that are related to gardening/canning, cooking technique and actual cookbooks.


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