Wednesday, May 16, 2012

143. tiny dreams

I think I may have a new favorite tiny house, the Tall Man's Tiny House. There are some things I'd tweak, but it's a really good design. Gotta love all those windows! Not sure about the open closet right next to the toilet though. lol I also wouldn't need quite such high ceilings since I'm short, so there could be just a bit more headroom in the loft area. I also found a ton of pics of the modern house I posted awhile back, the Leaf House. It's exciting to see all these creative new designs for tiny homes. Who knows what will be out there by the time I have the money to actually build one! =) Until then, I keep looking and dreaming and decluttering.

Today's items:
More books! I bought The Kind Diet in digital format when it was on sale at a really good price awhile back, the others I won't miss.


  1. Oooo..loving the tall man's tiny house! I think that's what I find a bit cramped with the tiny houses - the ceilings are low! I'm quite tall, so this makes much more sense to me and gives me the space I like. Up to sleep, down to live. :)

    1. I know! I love the openness of it. After looking at the pics again, I don't think I would drop the ceiling (even though I am short, lol). The entire loft is aligned with that raised section of roof so there would be plenty of head room. Slap some doors on the cubbies in the bathroom and it would be near perfect!


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