Thursday, May 17, 2012

144. declutter block

Need a little help deciding if something is clutter or not? Check out this great list of questions to determine the keepers from the tossers.

Today's items:
Yep, more cookbooks. I had high hopes for the Alaska Sourdough book, but results didn't live up to my hopes so off it goes. The Hershey cookbook has some good recipes, but none are vegan and I just don't use it anymore.

I also finally ditched my collection of LM Montgomery books I've been dragging around. I really like the Anne of Avonlea series and started picking up the others when I had credit at the used book store. I was able to download the digital versions of a few of the titles from for free, the others I know I won't really miss. It's time for these to move along to new homes where they'll be read and loved rather than staying with me, collecting dust and taking up shelf space. I had these up for sale on craigslist for far too long and finally just bagged them up and plan to drop them at the library with the other decluttered books from this week. =)


  1. Wow - you've really been diligent in parring down the books - nice job! When we purged just about all our books (we kept about 20) - that act alone freed up not only physical space & visual space....but it also seemed to lighten & brighten our house. I never really noticed how much books absorb light & darken a space until they are not there. No wonder book stores are always so dark & creepy feeling.

    1. I've Noticed that with pretty much all types of clutter. Rooms feel and look so much lighter the less stuff laying around.


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