Saturday, May 19, 2012

146. the goal

I try to keep a positive attitude even when work is low... but they're making it rather difficult. I haven't worked since last Monday. Friday evening, well after anyone who could actually assign charts had surely left hours before, we get an email from the fill-in lead (our manager was on vacation) that they had loaded lots of charts Friday and could any of us work over the weekend? Seriously? *sigh* I'm just hoping this means they'll load us up for next week and I can get in a full week to offset this really short week. It's moments like this that I think maybe a more steady job would be nice...and then I remember a more steady job comes with going to the same office every day, seeing the same people every day, dealing with insurance billing issues... and I get over it. The car's paid off, I have a little money in the bank, I think I'll stick with my cushy work-at-home gig. =)

Those five bags of books already this week weren't quite enough to hit my goal... so I kept going. Here's what my shelves look like after this morning's efforts:
 The larger shelf isn't packed as full as it could be which makes me even happier. The big shelf is roughly 6' tall and not quite 2 1/2' wide - top shelf is photo stuff, next two shelves are crafty (knitting/crochet techniques and patterns mostly), then cookbooks on the next and a mix on the bottom shelf. The little foot-wide shelf in my bedroom is a mix with the top shelf kept available for library books. A far cry from the FOUR large, overflowing bookshelves I started with about 6 months ago. The best part? I don't miss a single book I've gotten rid of. I should have done this long ago! Now, to sort through the items still residing on that mostly empty bookshelf so it can go too. =)

Today's items:
 The smaller shelf got a good culling, allowing some rearranging of the rest.

Gotta love decluttering books about clutter and organizing. =) You don't really need a lot of info about organizing if you don't have all that clutter to organize!


  1. Oh boy do I undertand about not wanting to show up to the same office everyday anymore. I finally quit my career in healthcare in order to start my own business (not involving healthcare for a pleasant & welcome change) & one thing I have not missed AT ALL is having to see the same office every work day. Not at all.

    Another way to look at your new work environment as opposed to your former one (going to an actual office) is look at what the steady job got you. Yes you were able to buy lots of stuff ( books, knitting, etc) but look how much of that you are realizing that you didn't need or even want in hindsight & are now purging.

    For me, being able to randomly buy useless crap that I will later regret buying to begin with & will end up decluttering was not worth the hassles & Sunday-evening depression knowing that Monday was coming.

    Funny I get asked if I miss the camaraderie of coworkers & a boss. It takes me less than a nano-second to reply no! My coworkers were just that - coworkers & typically that's all we all had in common.

    I do get a lot of "well it must be nice to just up & quit your job" to which I reply - why yes, yes it is! Many folks could to if they stepped back & took inventory of what they truly need & look at alternative careers - but most folks tend to stay with what's familiar because well it's familiar. I just hit my limit of following the rest of the sheep & if that makes me a outlier or outcast or a rebel - then cool! I'll take happiness over miserable.

    1. You make good points. I know I've dealt with stress in the past with shopping (obviously!). Less job stress = less urge to shop = less need for $$ = being content with what I have. =)

      I do have a few friends who have stayed friends long after a job has ended, but the majority have been just people I work near. I don't miss the daily discussions of what was on tv the prior night! I think that idea of a "regular" job is so ingrained in us, it's hard for most people to imagine a different life. Even with the slow time, at the end of the year I end up averaging just about what I would have had I taken a steady office job... and I save a ton on gas and clothing so I'm coming out ahead. A lot of people don't like that irregularity though. It does take some flexibility and planning ahead. =)

  2. Yeah, books on how to get rid of clutter are somewhat ironic! I've borrowed a couple from the library but they didn't have anything that I hadn't already seen on the many decluttering blogs like yours.

    1. That is so true. Those books are all the same info over and over again and most are trying to get your excess packed away rather than getting it out the door. There are a few god books out there, but I get more useful inspiration from blogs. =)

  3. I love the irony of decluttering the books about decluttering :o)

    1. Me too. No need for organizing tricks when you don't have too much stuff. =)


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