Sunday, May 20, 2012

147. on a roll

It's funny to me how this process of decluttering just seems to get easier and easier. I'm not really foreseeing a lot of days of just one item here for awhile. lol Honestly, I'm getting the urge to just fill up my Jeep and take a whole load of crap to Goodwill. Crap of course meaning stuff I don't need, not junk that no one would buy. I'm not even halfway through my planned year-long declutter project and I'm nowhere near running out of clutter. At least I'm mostly finished with books for now. =)

Today's items:
 It's finally warm enough on a regular basis here to ditch the flannel sheets. These have certainly seen better days! Usually I can donate items, but these went into the trash due to some ragged edges courtesy of a certain little dog. The raggedness came about when the munchkin was a pup but I kept these all these years and used them because apparently I didn't think I needed nicer sheets. As I thin out my possessions, I'm trying to be sure I'm keeping only the best items. I deserve to have nice things. I don't need high-end, but I don't need to hold on to raggedly sheets either. =)

A couple more books added to the bags going to the library.

And a gift that's been sitting in its box for years. I did finally pull it out and try it, but I guess I'm too short and the massagers don't line up well on me. The bottom two feel more like torture than anything relaxing. Out it goes!

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