Tuesday, May 22, 2012

149. here kitty, kitty

Why do we keep things around we really don't even like, much less love? As I've sorted, I've found so many items that I didn't like enough to use and yet, I kept them... hauling them around from place to place.

Today's items:
 A teensy kitty wind chime. The tinkling of these chimes annoy me. Not sure why I've held onto it for so long!

Alaska Eskimo Yo-Yo... I tried it a few times without success. It's been hanging around ever since. I surely don't need this to remember the 14 years I spent in Alaska. =)


  1. Replies
    1. lol I guess I did sort of. With this one and yesterday's gone and the one that got destroyed, I'm left with one metal wind chime and one that's ceramic, both hung inside thanks to the crazy wind here. I'd love to have one of those big ones with the lovely deep tones once I'm somewhere I could safely hang it outside, but I cringe at the price tag every time I see them in the stores!

  2. Oh I can relate. I love windchimes ONLY if they are tuned to a deeper pitch. Those cheapy tiney sounding windchimes can scrape the skin off me. I also have a Maine buoy bell windchime that is really dig for it's deep coastal sound. Love that thing. If you really like deeper fuller richer sounding chimes - Google a Maine buoy bell.
    Anyways, someone years ago gave me a windchime made out of flattened spoons & forks. It was unique yes...but holy cripes did that thing have the most annoying metallic high-pitch tinky sound that would grate on your sanity.

    1. Thanks for the recommend. I hadn't seen those before. I probably will invest in a set eventually, but here it'd just be a waste. The set that got destroyed was cheap but actually had a deeper sound. A couple neighbors have the higher pitched, tinnier ones I have to listen to but since I get most of the wind (I'm basically their windbreak), I can't put out my own set to help drown out theirs. lol


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