Wednesday, May 23, 2012

150. putting it off

Does delaying making the decision make it easier?

Today's item:
A stuffed koala. This was among the toys in my nursery. I've kept it because, well, I thought I should. I mean, it's been with me for 38 years, it should stay right? Wrong. I don't actually have any real memories connected to this toy and my childhood. The only reason I know he was mine as a baby is because I've seen him in a couple of pictures. Honestly, I don't have many actual memories of my childhood at all; our brains have a way of blocking things out to protect us. Every time I saw him, it would make me a little sad, wishing he did conjure up wonderful memories of childhood. He's not soft and cuddly, but hard and kind of scratchy. He's on the bigger side too so he wasn't easy to tuck away, esp now that there's less stuff hiding him. His little felt paws are long gone, I'm guessing from a dog at some point or maybe I chewed on him as a toddler. I took a couple pics of him, then he went into the donation box. Yes, I know he's not really donation quality, but I felt too guilty tossing him in the trash.


  1. This must have been really, really hard. I could probably get rid of a number of my stuffed animals, but there are two that I would take with me even if the house were burning down around me. I'm really impressed you could do this.

    1. It was, but needed to be done. After that, I keep wanting to just fill a box full of stuff for Goodwill... like it was a block that once gone makes choosing what stays and what goes easy. =)


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