Thursday, May 24, 2012

151. a spirit of giving

It's always such a pleasant surprise to hear about people being selfless during times normally known for lofty wishes for stuff. The most recent minimalist featured on Miss Minimalist is one such person, or rather one of a pair. Elizabeth and her hubby-to-be chose to ask wedding well-wishers to donate to their favorite charity in lieu of gifts to the couple. The influx of often overpriced and more often unnecessary items during an engagement always amazes me, esp if the couple is an older pair with homes already set up. What a wonderful way to not only help their favorite charity, but also avoid the "stuff."

Today's items:
 A little moose that's been hanging around for years. Cute but not really something I want hanging around anymore so he went into the donation box.

This was something my mother sent me years ago while I was living in Alaska. A stuffed mosquito. Again, cute but not serving any purpose other than collecting dust and cluttering up shelves.

And a pretty glass bowl. I love the swirly design but the bowl's shape makes it pretty useless. A little over a foot wide but too shallow with a wide flattish rim to be used for anything I tried using it for. lol I've been looking at this for awhile, moving it around the kitchen, thinking about adding it to the donation box. It's too big to just be pretty so it finally went in too. =)

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