Friday, May 25, 2012

152. poop

The last few days or so, I've been having crazy thoughts. I've been planning to move to the coast at the end of summer, but I'm finding myself not so excited about moving into an apt... or rather, being stuck in one place, even if it is a much better place. Out of the blue, my brain has been popping up with the thought of saying the heck with it and getting a class C motor home and hitting the road. I do love the tiny homes, but they aren't super mobile - moveable, but not meant for moving often. I'm obviously going through something here. lol Looking at what I actually use, I could definitely fit into a motor home... the kitties, I'm not so sure. Might have to anchor myself somewhere for a few more years yet.

Today's items:
 A pooping moose... and cat. lol They've both made their way to the donation box. I have enough real animals pooping around here.

 Another little item sent by my mother. I'm not sure why I still had it, but I don't now. If only I could convince her to stop wasting money on junk like this. Want me to know you're thinking of me? Pick up the phone. =)

I picked this up super cheap, intending on giving it as a birthday gift but ended up giving something else. Yes, I know, I've had an issue with this in the past. I no longer buy ahead even if it might save me a bit. No sense storing things for the future in case I change my mind. lol


  1. We have some friends who didn't fare so well from the housing bubble debacle & they ended up selling off pretty much everything they owned & bought a big used motor home that they now call home. To a lot of folks that sounds like they hit rock bottom...but in reality - they are doing quite well now! They love the simplicity that comes with no longer owing a McMansion & can relocate to the different campgrounds in our area (& there are a lot of those here). Plus they have met some really neat folks along the way & were telling us how much camaraderie there is in the RV world.
    Anyways, they have a spunky cat & a big old lumbering Lab dog that live with them in the RV & everyone is doing well.

    1. It's funny, even when people are forced into a simpler life, it's still a good change. Good for them for embracing their new life rather than longing for the life they lost. The ones I'd be looking at would be smaller models (I don't want to drive a large one) but a quick search actually turned up a couple of interesting ones. Oh my, who designed these things in the 80s?! The colors! lol I think it could be awesome. I just need to think about it more. It would definitely mean stepping up the decluttering drastically. I was surprised to see a few class Cs with sliders. That bit of extra width would go a long way to making it less cramped. It really does have everything a person needs, but mostly being able to pick up and move is the biggest draw. I've heard similar things about rv life being very friendly. Meeting new people all the time is one thing I miss from work travel.


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