Saturday, May 26, 2012

153. I have been chosen

It's been interesting as I go through things. Certain things definitely conjure up memories from different points in my life. The plan for the future is to make a better effort to cull things more often so I'm not keeping so much around from past interests. Getting rid of items related to something I used to love doesn't negate that time in my life, it only makes room for new interests and experiences. =)

Today's items:
The alien from Toy Story. He's my favorite character from the series of movies. This guy's pretty big and when you squeeze him he utters one of three phrases: "The claw is my master" or "Oooooooooh" or "I have been chosen" in that unforgettable voice. I've had him for years and years, but he still works well. He spent 3 1/2 yrs in storage and I've never put new batteries in since I moved so apparently the thought of him is more entertaining than he actually is. lol I can always watch the movie if I want an alien fix. I hope some kid will be happy to get him. =)

 Nope, haven't run out of cute but pointless quite yet. lol

A dog puppet. This has long arms that your hands go through so you can do sign language with the puppet. I took a couple of ASL classes years ago and played with training as an interpreter. Obviously, I didn't follow through with that thought. It's still something that interests me and I'd love to improve on my limited skills, but I don't need a puppet for that. =) I really need to cull my ASL books as well. Most of the same info can be found online without dragging around all those books!

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