Sunday, May 27, 2012

154. a pattern developing

 As I think more about downsizing to a mobile lifestyle rather than just downsizing to a smaller place, I keep wishing I had a tiny place I could just fill with the items I really, really want to keep to get them out of the way so the rest can be dealt with easily. Ahhh, in a perfect world. In lieu of that option, I try hard to imagine what would actually fit (and be needed) in a much smaller home. I look around and think about what I wouldn't want to lose. Furniture? Yeah, not really attached to much. I've been dragging around my antique trunk since the end of high school. That would fit into a tiny home... but not a small motor home. Could I give that up? Honestly, I think it wouldn't even be that hard at this point. I like my rocking chair, but could definitely come out ahead selling it (I paid $20). lol There are always more rocking chairs and antique trunks. There are practical things that would need to be dealt with. I have a desktop computer and would need to replace that with a laptop. Would I even need a printer? I think I could get by with just a stick scanner that would be much easier to stash away.

With these thought... I'm also realizing that even if I don't go the motor home route, do I need to keep all the stuff that wouldn't make that cut? Something to think seriously about...

Today's items:
 Patterns for toys....
and clothes I'll never make. Someone else might though. =)

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