Tuesday, May 29, 2012

156. naked

 Yesterday, I watched my neighbors empty out their shed for a good sort. The wife had mentioned wanting to do so last time I talked to her. While out with the munchkin pup, I stopped over to chat over the fence and she kept offering me things. lol I did actually take two, though I turned down at least a dozen more. I brought home one of those triangular cushions you lean against a wall to support your back and has little arm things too - something I'd thought might be nice to have here, but refused to go buy myself. lol With just the rocking chair in my living room, a chair that's usually occupied by one cat or another, I most often just sit on the floor. Yeah, cats are moveable, but I'm actually comfortable on the floor. This should make knitting more comfy though. I also brought home a long cushion for a lawn chair. I'll have to see if it works with my lounger that's in the shed. I haven't hauled it out yet. Things tend to go missing in this neighborhood and since I don't have a fence, I don't trust leaving it out since it's one thing I plan to actually keep. heh Anyway, two fewer things for the neighbors to haul to Goodwill and items I can happily donate should I no longer need them. Win-win. =) I did have to wonder though why she kept a few of the items she offered me that I turned down... She was willing to give them away to me, but not to Goodwill? She said they cleaned out that shed last year too so maybe next year those items will go to Goodwill. Had I known she was going to just put them back in, I'd have probably taken them and just donated them myself. I used to do that with my mother. Don't tell! ;-)

Today's items:
A wonderfully soft, squishy sheep that would attract every stray kitty hair within a mile if it were to stay. It was a gift by someone who knew I had a few sheep already, but it takes up so much space and I'd be constantly picking hairs off it if it were anywhere but in a room kitties weren't allowed. I bought the kangaroo pair (see the baby in the pouch?) years ago. They're also nice and soft and squishy. Both still have the tags on their ears. Some little kids will love these, I'm sure. =)

No, Kermit did not follow the path of the alien and koala and the animals above.... but his clothes did. =) I've always loved Kermie and picked this guy up years ago at a garage sale or maybe a thrift store, but he was wearing this funky vest and had the hat sewn to his head. My Kermit from when I was a kid is long gone... He was a puppet and I have no idea whatever happened to him. He may very well be moldering in my mother's basement. This one's been hanging around awhile and I finally snipped the threads on that hat and tossed the clothes into the donation box. Kermit just might need a more attractive (handknit) way to stay warm. He might end up being the only stuffed animal to make the cut (there's also a sock monkey whose fate is being hotly debated)... but Kermit always makes me smile, so he stays. =)

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