Thursday, May 31, 2012

158. propped up

I took the suggestion of an article I read online and packed up all my random kitchen gadgets and utensils into a box in my pantry. As I need things, I'll dig them out of the box. At the end of a month, I'll easily be able to see exactly what I'm using on a regular basis... and what's just in my way. =) There are sure to be a few items rescued from the box that only gets used rarely, but this will give me a much clearer idea what I really need taking up space in my kitchen drawers and utensil bucket.

I'm also playing with the idea of ditching my food processor. I already gave up the blender awhile ago, but kept the food processor at the time. Now, I'm wondering if I even need that. I did purchase a stick blender to use for smoothies and soups and it came with an attachment turning it into a small food processor as well and I'm thinking that may be enough to make hummus or other smaller recipes. I have garbanzo beans soaking right now so I can try it. =) It would be awesome to get rid of that behemoth! It's so big and heavy and I don't use it frequently. I can always use a knife to slice and a shredder to shred veggies... and both are a heck of a lot easier to clean!

One of my items today was originally bought as a photography prop so I thought I'd share the image:
Reshoot two days later

Today's items:
 Another lidless casserole dish left by the previous owners. As with the previous one, this was also used under a plant and no longer needed. The silicone brush just doesn't get any use. I've tried using it a couple times and it doesn't work well for my needs. The vase was purchased as a photography prop for a class project while learning to use a 4x5 film camera. It served it's purpose nicely and has been hanging around collecting dust ever since. I love the black/brown/turquoise color combo, but the hole is so tiny, it will only fit about three stems and they have to be rather tall so it just doesn't get any use in my home. Pretty as it is, it needs to go. It looks much better in the photo than it ever did in my home anyway. lol

After loading gadgets into the box, I came across a few I didn't need to even think about. I had two pie servers - the stainless steel one stayed, the plastic one goes. I also had two ice cream servers. This one's cute, but the one my mother sent me last Christmas works better, so it won my vote. I was surprised to see the plastic freezer jars had made it this far into this process, but they're now in the donation box. The package of pectin went in the trash since it had expired. Oops!


  1. I have a big giant Cuisnart food processor up in the attic. That's where I stashed that monster after the super-special locking bowl mechanism broke again. The replacement bowl thing costs $40+. I replaced it once already & now the replacement is broke. Argh. It just doesn't easily lock into place thus it gets easily broke. Sheesh.
    Anyways, It's been in the attic for over a year now & not once have I missed it. I instead use a box grater & a immersion (stick) blender & all is well in the world.
    We still have a blender that the husband seems enamoured with (yet never uses it but maybe 2 times a year to make margaritas).

    1. Mine's a Cuisinart too that I paid way too much for. I packed it in my car and drove it down the Alcan with me when I moved (along with my stand mixer). I haven't broken anything on it yet, but there are times I'd like to toss parts of it out a window when trying to get them clean. Mine has an extra-wide loading shoot and the piece that fits into it is nearly impossible to wash. I don't actually have a box grater (or any grater other than the food processor) yet but I know they make ones that collapse flat. I'll have to look around and see what's available that's not plastic.


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