Sunday, June 3, 2012

161. rocking it out

I downloaded the book The Hoarder in You from my library and have been listening to it this weekend as I work around the house. For anyone with hoarding tendencies, this would be a great resource. Dr Zasio's understanding of hoarding (and cluttering) is impressive and she offers plenty of great tips and advice. I'm listening to the audio version and have already bookmarked a few places to go back and listen again. Check and see if your library has it. =)

I had an interesting conversation with my mother yesterday. She was commenting how she didn't understand why anyone needed a storage unit unless they were moving or something. Now, this is a woman who has a two-car garage and a full basement, both packed full of stuff, most of which she hasn't touched in a decade or more. I explained that not everyone has these onsite storage options and most people have more stuff than will fit in their living space. I think she might be coming around just a little on the stuff, but she still doesn't seem to be motivated to actually start going through things. *sigh* I try to just suggest she find one thing a day to get rid of. It really does add up! She might get there someday...

Today's items:
Two more DVDs sold! I barely made anything at all on Peter Pan, but it was a gift and I never even watched it so I guess I still came out ahead, right? Amazon fees suck. I also sold a skein of yarn that's been sitting, unloved, in my stash for too long and is now heading for someone who really wants it. =)

This pile of rocks in the middle of my yard? Gone. I had to chuckle as the new owner sloooowly drove away in a suddenly low-rider van. lol

A couple weeks ago, I spent some time cleaning up my yard. I dug up and moved a couple of small rose bushes and a couple of bamboo plants that had been planted in the wrong place. There are a couple more small bamboo plants I need to go back and move now that they're coming back up. Moving that stuff allowed me to move all the stupid rocks I hated mowing around and finally get rid of them. My yard isn't pretty, but it looks so much less cluttered now that it's a bit more streamlined. =)

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,304


  1. I have "The Hoarder in You" on waiting for me on my coffee table! A friend of mine read it way back in April...or was it the New Year? Anyway, she loved it and recommended it. It finally came across the desk at the library, so I snatched it up.

    1. That book wasn't even on my radar until I was browsing the audiobooks my library has online, but I'm glad I spotted it. I just finished it and will go back to my bookmarks and relisten to those before returning it.


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