Tuesday, June 5, 2012

163. life is sweet

I finished listening to The Hoarder in You (Dr Robin Zasio) and got some good info out of it.
I think it would be a good read/listen for anyone anywhere on the clutter/hoarding continuum. She offers a list of questions to determine where you fall, how many hoarding tendencies you have. Just having tendencies does not necessarily mean you are a hoarder, but it does mean you need to be aware of your issues and know how to deal with them. Many people hold onto items, thinking getting rid of useful items would be wasteful. Dr Zasio points out that keeping the item is also wasteful. You're wasting time moving things around trying to find what you do need. You're wasting space in your home. And you're wasting your opportunity to let that item bless someone else. If the item is useful, there's someone else out there who needs it if you don't. Don't hold onto something you don't need now in the chance you *might* need it in the future - have faith in yourself that you'll be able to provide for your needs in the future without stockpiling all those "someday" items.

Today's item:
The sugar dispenser. I've discovered I just don't really need sugar out on the counter all the time, cluttering things up. I have better control adding sugar to things like oatmeal if I'm using a spoon and have only been using this when I make iced tea every few days or so, so this can go. I should really be adding fruit to that oatmeal anyway. =)


  1. I love the Hoarders shows on TV and while I can't imagine myself ever in a place like that, it is a way of reminding yourself that likely these people never saw themselves that way either! When I set my kettle (base) on fire a couple of weeks ago, it was actually my friend who said "Throw the kettle out." The kettle was in fine shape - just a little smoke damage - but was completely useless without its electric base. I was reluctant because, well, there's nothing wrong with it. I caught myself in that wasteful mindset and have, when I was much, much younger, kept things because I felt "sorry" for them. This is how hoarding starts. So when I buy/declutter/throw things away, I need to be very careful about what it is, which is why I tend to donate a lot of stuff instead of actually tossing it in the garbage.

    And this went on way longer than I actually intended... :P

    1. I donate anything that's in decent condition so that it at least has a chance of being used by someone who needs it. A lot of my issue is that I have a hard time passing up a great deal. I'm working on it though and getting better at stopping myself and walking away when it's something I really don't need or have any immediate use for. It's all about retraining your brain. =) And no, I'm sure most of the high level hoarders never saw themselves getting to that point. In the book, she offers several thoughts many with hoarding tendencies have and then offers alternate thoughts to replace those. It was definitely one of the better books I've read on hoarding/clutter.


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