Wednesday, June 6, 2012

164. filtering through

There is a list of questions in the book, The Hoarder in You, that help you determine how strong your tendencies are to hoard. I took the short quiz:

Do you have hoarding tendencies?
  1. Do you have a hard time parting with items even if you never use them or they’re broken? If I didn't, I surely wouldn't have a need for this blog! lol Broken though? No, I've never been one to hold onto broken items. I'm working hard on getting rid of those items I don't use regularly though!
  2. Do you have many items around your house that don’t have a permanent home? Not really anymore. Now that there are fewer things in my home, everything pretty much has a place it should be... of course, that doesn't mean it's always in that place. =)
  3. Do you tend to make piles of things to be dealt with at a future time and do these piles linger for more than a few days? Guilty. I do tend to set things aside to deal with later... and later doesn't come quickly enough. I am working on making myself deal with things in the moment now, rather than putting them aside for later.
  4. Are there areas of your home that must be cleared off before they are used for their intended purpose? Not anymore! My kitchen table and counters stay clear, my desk is set up with the items I need. The only thing I ever need to clear off is occasionally the printer if I want to scan something since my iPad sits there while I work and a box of tissues live there.
  5. Do you save things often because you are concerned about how you will feel in the future if you need them and no longer have them? This is something I struggle with less and less. Letting things go has become fairly easy for me these days. It's becoming more and more clear to me how little I actually need and I know that should I need that item in the future, I can always get another one or borrow it from someone else.
  6. Do you often save things without a clear idea how you will use them in the future? I can't say no... yet. As I work through this decluttering process, I have fewer and fewer items that don't have a set plan. As I look at an item, I think about this now and if the answer is "I don't know" it usually goes into the donation box.
  7. Do you still have items you bought with the intention of giving them away as gifts? Not anymore! This definitely was something I had an issue with in the past however. Now, I only purchase gift items as needed and have donated anything I've come across that wasn't gifted as planned.
  8. Do you have boxes of possessions that have moved with you from home to home but you’ve never gone through? Nope! I have moved a ton in my life, but I was always one who was unpacked and set up within a few days of moving. I can definitely say that especially after this last move, there is nothing that hasn't been gone through at least once.
  9. Do you often buy multiples of the same item because you’ve forgotten you have it? No. I'm pretty good at remembering what I have... not that I could always find it, but I knew it was here somewhere.
  10. Are you helpless when faced with a good deal, even if it’s a good deal on something you don’t need? Ugh. This is definitely my biggest weakness. I love a good deal! Clearance sections were so fun for me to browse through. Now, I might glance through those items, but I only bring things home if I can honestly say I have a plan to use it in the very near future and have a place to put it.
  11. Do you take free things like shampoos from hotels or packets of soup crackers that you never wind up using? Even when I was traveling full-time, I would leave the mini shampoos/conditioners/soaps in the bathroom. The funniest hotels were the ones who would leave you more even when you hadn't use what was already left for you - they would just add mroe. I remember one place that upon checkout, I left at least a dozen of each in the bathroom. Then, they had to take them back. heh The only thing I regularly took were the mini bottles of lotion if the lotion was good. These are great for tossing in my knitting bag. =) I have a friend who enjoys "extreme couponing" and will bring home literally anything she can get for free. It took me one trip with her to decide that sort of shopping wasn't for me.
Yes answers do not mean you are a hoarder, they only mean you have hoarding tendencies. The more yeses, the stronger tendency you have to become a hoarder.

Today's item:
My Brita water filter pitcher. This has been planned for quite awhile. I'd decided a couple months ago that after I used my last filter, the pitcher would go. I don't really need to filter my water and trying to find a place that will recycle those filter cartridges isn't always easy... not to mention the fact that I really don't like the idea of a plastic pitcher anyway. I still keep water in the fridge, but it's now in a glass pitcher. =)


  1. #3 - the one about making little piles to deal with later. That one I am super guilty of, otherwise no on the rest of the questions.

    I am far from being a hoarder, but have been steadily decluttering as I find I just don't need much stuff that I once thought I did - whether it was for impressing the Joneses or succumbing to marketing/advertising or simply me just wanting to blow money.

    But still, I'd like to read Dr. Zazio's book - I think the subject matter is really interesting.

    1. I wish I didn't have so many tendencies, but I do. lol At least I'm aware of them and can keep an eye on what I'm doing and why. I never really got into keeping up with the Joneses, but I do love a deal. We all have our weaknesses. =)

  2. I don't think I even want to start answering the questions! :)


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