Thursday, June 7, 2012

165. picnic season

A few weeks ago, I hit my goal of fitting my books into two bookcases. Yesterday, I had the urge to purge again... I'm thinking my new goal is to get them all into the small bookshelf in my bedroom. That means another 2.5'x6' bookcase full of books needs to go. Whew! I got a start on it last night and have about a 3' stack of books in my living room now that will be heading out the door. I started on the bottom shelves so about half are cookbooks. What I didn't keep in mind when setting this new goal was... 2 of the shelves in that large case are knitting/crochet/crafty books. *sigh* I knew their time was coming. lol

I always wanted a craft room - a space I could keep pet-free, somewhere for my sewing machine to be set up for easy use (sold the cabinet awhile ago), a place for my yarn stash (that's shrinking). I've realized I don't really like having that extra room or being stuck in there if I want to sew. The door stays closed to keep furry critters out, but that closed door also hides the contents and what's hidden from view, I just don't tend to use much. Apparently, I'm a very visual person. =)

Today's items:
A picnic basket I've never used for anything other than a photography class assignment:
Final Shot
It's been sitting on a shelf ever since. I have a rolling cooler bag that would be used should I have an urge to picnic. This is nice, but serves no purpose here so it's heading to Goodwill.

I also sold two more DVDs! Forgot to take pics again, but you know what a DVD looks like. =) Books will start showing up here as soon as I have a chance to check on Amazon to see if any are worth selling.

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,310


  1. I have a big picnic basket, too. Came complete with a 4-piece setting (plates, cups, utensils - all that jazz) and it has sat on the top shelf of my pantry essentially ever since, so maybe four years? I even added a colourful blanket to it. I've used it exactly once in all that time, but somehow just can't quite take the next step to get rid of it, although I know there are people out there who would seriously love it and use it to pieces. One day my prince will come and picnics will be a reality, rather than a fantasy...ahem... :P

    1. Maybe someday you'll start using it. Or maybe you'll realize you don't need it and will pass it along. For me, the idea of it wasn't worth the space I was giving up.

  2. I've coveted a picnic basket for a long time. But you're absolutely right, how many people do we know actually use them?

    1. I know. They look nice and I really do love the look of this one which is why it's made it through this far, but if I'm not using it, it's time to let it go. I love the idea of picnicking, but if I don't actually DO it, well. It's all about perspective. When there's less around, it's much easier to see many of those "keeper" items for what they truly are... CLUTTER. =)


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