Friday, June 8, 2012

166. digitize

SO, as I mentioned yesterday, I sorted through that 3' stack of books. I found a few worth at least trying to sell on Amazon, but not many. Those have been listed and are sitting on a shelf with the few DVDs I have left for sale. The rest of that stack? Yeah, they're all heading to the library for the next book sale (which I have NO intention of attending!). lol

I also pulled the short stack of knitting magazines from my shelf. So far, I have no work for today so my plan is to start going through them and scanning any patterns I think I might actually make in the future. So far, two magazine in... I've got two patterns marked to scan. lol I also pulled the two binders with patterns in page protectors. Many of these were printed from websites. I don't need to haul these around when I can pull them up on my iPad and knit from there. The few purchased patters in there will be scanned so they can go away as well. That brings me down to about a shelf and a half of crafty books...

Today's items:
 A mish-mash of books. Cookbooks, some language books, health stuff, some fiction and kid stuff. I used to keep some kid books around partly for friends with kids when they visited. I'll admit, partly it was because these were favorite from my childhood. I don't have my own kids and have no plan to. Heads up friends! Entertain your own kids. =)

After grabbing those... I went back and grabbed these. Love Shel Silverstein. I would purchase Where the Sidewalk Ends as an ebook if it was available... it's not. That doesn't mean I need to keep hauling these heavy books around though. I can't recall the last time they were pulled from the shelf for any reason other than rearranging. I flipped through them, read a few of my old favorites and added them to the donation stack. I can always check these out from a library should I become nostalgic in the future. =)


  1. Ha ha! One of the books you're getting rid of is called "Making the Cut!" I just spotted that.

    Fantastic on the book declutter! I have someone moving in for a couple of months and am thinking I might add a bookcase to her room. This means moving things off and onto my other one. Tricky. I'm not wanting to remove any (more) books right now, so the idea is good, the follow-through...not so much!

    1. I thought about calling the post that, but I think maybe I already have one with that title... not that it really matters if there are two. If you were close, I'd give you the bookcase I emptied today. Yes, one more big, empty bookcase! Woo! Could you maybe stash some of the books elsewhere for the time being?

  2. Not really, that's the problem. And if it was in there, there wouldn't be room for much else, as the bed really does take up most of the space. Plus, she wants a desk or small table to work on, so...

    It's all good. :)

    1. This is why I'd love to have a murphy bed. It's always seemed like such a waste of space to me to have the bed taking up so much floor space!


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