Monday, June 11, 2012

169. strike a pose

I had a busy decluttering weekend! I sorted through all of my camera gear. Now that was a job! sheesh Some of it went into the donation box, some will go up for sale on craigslist. I have two Nikon K1000 bodies, lenses and flashes to go with, an extra tripod and a couple nice camera bags I don't use - I think I finally settled on what works for me. I should be able to sell one of the cameras and hopefully some of the rest to students since there's a pretty good photography program here. I'm debating selling both. I enjoyed being in the darkroom, but I don't have easy access to one now and I'm not so sure it's worth continuing to haul it around. For now, it's all corralled in it's own bag. I'll have to think about that one. It would be fairly easy to sell closer to the start of the fall semester so I'll have a couple months to ponder its fate. The other is going up for sale now. I might get lucky. =) The shelf that used to be packed full of bags and gear now holds the gear I'm keeping and I was able to move the photography books that made the first cut to that shelf as well.

I also pulled out my scrapbook stuff, sorted it and decided it could ALL go. I haven't touched any of it since I left Alaska. I rarely even print photos anymore, opting for digital files on my computer and online. No sense hauling around a bunch of paper, albums and scissors I'm not using. 

Today's items:
An outdated digital camera and all its accessories. I even found the receipt from 2000. My current digital camera is nowhere near new, but it's a whole lot newer than this! None of this stuff is going for anything on eBay so it all went into the donation box. It all works well. Maybe someone will buy it for their kid to play around with or something.

And those magazines and binders with patterns I mentioned a few days ago? The binders have been emptied (and added to the donation box) and the papers are in the recycle bin for tomorrow's pick-up along with the small stack of paper magazines I had on the shelf. I put the two pattern booklets in the donation box - I couldn't bare to just toss them. lol I also emptied that third binder of miscellaneous stuff and ditched it too. Up next are the binders with recipes in them...

I also sold my paper copy of The Joy of Vegan Baking. =)

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,314

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