Tuesday, June 12, 2012

170. in motion

My extra bedroom is going to start to echo soon. =) I've cleared so much out of there. Most of the miscellaneous stuff has been gone through and most has gone away. Still a few more things to go through, but the change from 6 months ago is like night and day.

Today's items:
A video camera. sigh This thing didn't get a whole lot of use, but I can't see myself using it anytime in the future. If I want to take a video, I use my little point and shoot digital camera that fits nicely in my pocket. This hasn't been touched in years so it's made its way into the donation box where it will hopefully find a new, appreciative home. What is it with me and holding onto old electronics? lol

Ahhhh, I finally ditched some old books from school... from 2005. I haven't referenced these even once in all these years and I'm tired of dragging them around. I took the plastic binding off and tossed them all into the recycle bin. Yay! =)

I also decided to take another look at my closet yesterday afternoon. No work gets me motivated, I guess, and it was too toasty to mow. I filled a 39-gal trash bag with clothes, est 50 items at least. I'd guess it was around 35-lbs of clothes... plus all those hangers... and I didn't even get to the pants, skirts, sweaters or shoes yet. Too bad it's not this easy to drop weight off my body! lol

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