Wednesday, June 13, 2012

171. a peek in my closet

So, I'm nearing the 6 month mark here on the blog, however this decluttering journey started about a month prior to that. Over this time, my closet has undergone a remarkable change (if I do say so myself). Wanna see? Yeah, I know you do. =) We all love to see the gruesome befores. lol Please be kind if you comment. I know I have hoarding tendencies and am working through them day by day. You should see my mother's house...

Left side of the closet back at the end of November 2011:

Left side two days ago:

and yesterday:
I know, it still looks pretty full... bear with me.

The right side of the closet in November:
That box and suitcase? Yeah, those were clothes too. Clothes that had no place to go.

The right side two days ago:

and yesterday:
Still more t-shirts than I need and geez, I apparently have a thing for jackets. lol The small cabinet you can just see on the right holds jeans, pjs and undergarments/socks. That's up next on the list! Oh, and those two suitcases in the top of the closet? Yeah, those are empty. =)

Definite progress! But it gets better. Did I mention there was also a freestanding wardrobe in the bedroom in November too?
This moved to the living room months ago and serves as my "coat closet" though it holds only 2 zip-up hooded sweatshirts for trips out with the munchkin pup. The rest of the space is now housing other items like blankets, games, my toolbox, etc. That will be getting an overhaul soon too. =)

Today's items:
Yeah, there were more items loaded into the car aside from the two large bags of clothes/shoes and the full box of miscellaneous items I've been decluttering lately. I bagged up a bunch of the miscellaneous yarn I'd decided to destash awhile back and had been trying to sell. I gave up and donated it to just go ahead and get it out of here. I dropped off a full Jeep-load of stuff and have another box that wouldn't fit. Obviously I'm not the only one decluttering right now. I've never seen the drop-off area busier or more full!

As I went through more things in my craft/storage room over the weekend, I pulled all the scrapbook stuff together and was a little shocked at how much I had. I know, I shouldn't be shocked that I went overboard. I collected small items (pamphlets, postcards, ticket stubs) while traveling for work, intending to put them in a scrapbook. Have I done anything with any of these items? Nope. And I don't have much interest in doing so either. I have photos from all my adventures that I can view online or on my computer any time I want and it's been at least 7 years since I added anything to my scrapbook. I decided the scrapbook stuff needed to go. I put it all up for sale on craigslist  a couple days ago and met a very nice lady yesterday afternoon who was thrilled to get such a great deal. =) She's hoping this will keep her daughter busy this summer. I wished her luck! I plan to take my scrapbook pages in somewhere to have them scanned so I can get rid of that behemoth as well. I'm lightening the load, people. =)

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $1,374


  1. Wow Karen, you are totally understating your progress! From what I can see in the photo's - you've done one heckuva job with your closet decluttering! Give yourself more credit for what you've done thus far- nice work sister!

    I think half the battle with clothing is grouping like with like. Once you do that then it becomes easier to see just how much you really do (or don't) have. I did this last year & found that not only did I have waaaay too much clothes, but that I also came to realize that my lifestyle is far less exciting than my wardrobe would suggest.

    I grocery shop. I go to the bird vet/store. I go to Costco. We mostly eat at bbq joints mostly - not the most dressy of places. We are out on the sailboat a lot - so not the place to worry about accessorizing. I own my own biz - so I need an initial client meeting outfit (which for me is a simple skirt & fitted tshirt or a simple dress) & then it goes back to pure casual after that. I attend soiree's hardly ever or never.

    I hate hate HATE to have to "dress up". I do it when I have to then resume my regularly scheduled chill lifestyle/wardrobe. While I'm far from wearing pajama-jeans & old college sweatshirts, I also know my regular life has no room for more than 1 pair of heels anymore. Same with purses. I'm down to 3 total & lately I just carry my iphone w/ a built-in "wallet" case.

    When I purged my wardrobe/closet the one thing I went after with a vengeance was anything brown as I look awful in brown. Then I went after black & culled most of that too. Then I went after the too tight this, too short that, fiddly or fidgety items, shirts with buttons (man do I hate button puckering at the chest), things that looked faded (again most black stuff), things that looked dowdy & so on.

    I would ask myself - would I buy this item (again) today & wear it tomorrow? If no, then it got purged. I didn't allow myself to think twice about that initial decision & have yet to regret getting rid of anything thus far. Sold most on Ebay too.

    I noticed I had accumulated a lot of clothing for very specific scenario's which didn't translate well to my realistic life. Such as buying a certain outfit with intentions of wearing it to our next squadron party - but never actually doing that. Or buying stuff for a trip to a new city so I would look all native when in fact I was just another tourist hanging out in touristy places fooling no one into thinking I'm some kind of local (yeah I'm talking about you NYC trip).

    Like you, I could stand to go thru my clothing yet again as I'm realizing with each day how little I actually do wear especially when I have consistently not worn something In favor of something else. It's a work in perpetual progress / realization.

    1. Oh, my, "would I buy it again?" lol Not much would make that cut today! I don't shop for anything but food and the occasional necessity these days.

      I was so happy when I got to the point where everything fit somewhere... then when I could remove that wardrobe... and now that there is actual empty space in the closet! I've realized I don't like black either. Or dark blue. Not so much for the look, but rather out of frustration. Those colors show every hair and I have critters. Much easier to more closely match the wardrobe to the fur-producers. lol Lighter colors and browns don't show as much. I remember the days of getting dressed two minutes before walking out the door then dodging the kitties on my way out. Now, I could roll around on the cat bed wearing all black an no one would mind. Well, other than maybe the cat. =)

      When I started traveling, I packed pants and skirts, heels and flats to match. Then I ditched the skirts. Then I started working my wardrobe for the two weeks around either black OR brown shoes so I'd only have to pack one pr. Most offices rarely saw me more than a few days (many only once) and I wasn't there to impress anyone with my fashion sense (thank goodness!). Some of my coworkers though, they traveled with TONS of clothes, even after doing the job for awhile. There was one who brought a full suitcase everyplace just packed with shoes!! I'm definitely simplifying things. With this last purge, I got rid of my 2nd purse. There used to be a selection on hand... and then, there was one. =) Like you, I've yet to regret anything I've gotten rid of yet.

  2. Wow, those before shots are FAR better than the after shots of a lady I worked with some years ago. We went through every single item of clothing in her closets. Yes, plural. She had her walk-in closet and three guest bedroom closets jammed full of clothes. I hauled off, let's see, I think it was about 3-4 18 gallon totes of clothing to be donated and STILL the closets were so full it was a major PITA to fit a hanger in anywhere. She was a hoarder. You just have too much stuff. ;-)

    But, you're doing a great job of getting rid of the excess! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it could have been much, much worse and I've seen houses on Hoarders that make mine look pristine. I'm just glad that switch finally seems to have flipped and I can see it all for what it is... way too much that I never needed.

  3. I love "before" shots! Wow, you've done an AMAZING job!! Goes to show that progress doesn't happen instantly but a bit at a time.

    1. Then you'll really love when I post the befores of my craft/storage room! And yes, it's nice to see that all these smaller steps I'm taking are actually getting me somewhere. =)


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